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Mike’s New Job

After teaching overseas for two years, we came back to a very different America than the one we left. It didn’t seem all that unlikely for me (Mike) to find another job in either banking or teaching when we got back. But, with the Great Recession still in full force, school district budgets struggling to make ends meet because of lower property taxes and shrinking budgets, and many banks that have failed in the last few years, causing many bankers to have to change jobs, it was not an ideal situation for me to start job hunting.

Well, because of God’s grace I was able to find another teaching job at a local Christian school. And since employee kids get to attend free, Adam and Luba have decided to go there too. The school is quite small (less than 100 students) and my biggest class is 12 students. It is a great fit for Adam and Luba after coming from the tight knit ex-pat community overseas. And is a lot of ways this school is an answer to prayer for our whole family.
I when into the school where he was eventually hired two weeks ago looking to pick up a substitute teacher application, and a half hour after he left the History teacher came in and quit. After some calling around, and some very kind words from people who knew me, the school got in touch with me and I was called in for an interview the next day (Tuesday). That Friday I was hired. Less than a week before school started. 
God’s timing is perfect and we learned that we just need to trust in Him, and He will provide.
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Mariners Game

We took Luba to her first baseball game on July 22nd. She had a great time, we met some friends from Kyiv there and we all had a blast.

I wasn’t sure if Luba would like baseball as a spectator sport, but I think the total experience is what she enjoyed the most.

We sat with my friend who I taught middle school with last year, Sam and his daughter Stephanie. And our friends Ken and Alyssa were also at the same game and came over to say hi as well. Alyssa was Adam’s Spanish teacher at KIS last year.

The Mariners lost in extra innings, but it was good game and a lot of fun. Luba got her first Mariners hat, a brown one with a pink logo. It really suits her.

Adam cannot stop talking about Ichiro since we got back and bought an Ichiro poster for his room.

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Back in the US

We have now moved back into our house in the States. We have been home less than two weeks and things are going pretty well. We are slowly but surely getting readjusted to life in the good old US of A. The weather has actually been quite nice. And tomorrow I get to mow my lawn for the first time since we’ve been back.

The kiddos get to go to VBS tomorrow, Adam is attending, and Luba will be a helper with the pre-school kids.

We were able to spend some time with Mike’s side of the family at our nephew Kyle’s wedding yesterday, and will be attending his brother, my nephew Trent’s wedding next Friday.

We have definitely hit the ground running.

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KIS Life Science class trip to the Kyiv Zoo

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Saying good bye

Yesterday we traveled up to Shchors one last time to say good bye to Luba’s biological family. It ended up being like a mini family reunion. Luba’s grandmother made the trip to Shchors from Russia, and Luba’s sister and her family from Donetsk. It was great meeting her family. They all seemed very nice.

Communication was difficult for Rebecca, Adam, and myself since we still don’t really know any Russian. I do know enough to know that Luba’s uncle told her that my Russian was bad.

I think that it was important for Luba’s biological family that they got to meet us. They seemed very sweet, and we invited Luba’s sister and her husband and daughter to come visit us in the US. They said that they might come in two years.

It was also nice for us to meet more of Luba’s family, and to know that her brothers are not alone here in Ukraine. And that they have their sister to turn too if they need help.

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Adam’s school play

Here is a video of Adam in his class play…Enjoy

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